Code of Practice

Code of Practice

HTA Code of Practice

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  • 1. The hire company undertakes to comply at all times with all current Health and Safety legislation, Employment law, and in particular the Manual Handling Regulations.

  • 2. A legally binding hire contract for all items of equipment being issued by the hire company will be prepared, signed by the client and a copy issued to the client. Any special instructions or agreements must be listed on the contract.

  • 3. The hire company’s Terms and Conditions of Hire or Sale will be issued to the client at the time of hire.

  • 4. The hire company will co-operate with the client to quickly resolve any disputes which may arise.
    An arbitration service is available from HTA on demand.

  • 5. Unbiased advice to meet a client’s requirements will be provided at all times.

  • 6. Delivery and collection charges will be clearly stated and agreed before the hire contract is completed and signed by the client. Delivery and collection times for equipment will be agreed with the client.

  • 7. Equipment provided for hire will be properly tested before being issued, and may be tested from time to time whilst out on hire. On its return to the hire depot it will be thoroughly checked and tested again.

  • 8. Any item which fails to operate correctly, and which has not been interfered with in any way by the client or his or her operators, will be replaced within a period of twenty four hours at the discretion of the hire company at no cost to the client.

  • 9. Suitable PPE will be provided by the hire company for all items of equipment hired.

  • 10. Sufficient advice and/or training for the client will be provided by the hire company at the time of hire.


I agree to abide by the above HTA Code of Practice